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  • Present – Martyn Wyburn (Chair) (MW), Ed Burgess (EB), Andrew Dawes (AD), Joan Fillingham (JF), Caroline Pitcher (CP), Pat Malpass (PM), Lynn Williams (LW), Paul Scourfield (PS), (MW), Dave Birch (DBi).
  • Apologies – received from David Brierley (DBR), Amanda Bland (AB)
  • The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday February 20th 2022were agreed as accurate.
  • Matters arising
  • Re January 19th minutes, ACTION: MW to contact AB to remove ‘DRAFT’ from minutes as they have been agreed.
  • ‘Skills and interests’ of trustees – LW reported that most trustees had now informed her of their relevant skills and interests.
  • Raising of Children’s Party rate from £35 to £40 – DB reported that the website had been amended to reflect this change.
  • Possible letting of ‘upstairs room’ – MW reported that the organisation who had expressed an interest were no longer interested.
  • Hall thermostat – MW reported that the thermostat was now functioning as it should and that he, Kelly and Allison had ‘apps’ on their phones enabling them to adjust the temperature.
  • MW reported that the Users Group meeting of 24.02.22 was not very well attended but members present agreed to be mindful of the rising cost of energy and to be economical in their use of Hall heating and lighting.
  • Grant application – MW had had a fruitful meeting with Steve Brooklands (grant searcher and bid writer) the result of which was a grant of £10,000 (£8,000 after Steve’s commission deducted) from the Heritage Lottery fund to put towards new projector and screen for the main hall and to build a furniture store at the back of the main hall. The grant has now been received and Mr Brooklands fee has been paid.
  • Financial update

As of the start of April, the current account stood at £24,983.98 (which included the lottery grant) and the deposit account stood at £15,127.41.

MW reported that in February and March income and outgoing were in balance but he expected that income in April would be much lower as there are fewer lettings during school holidays.

There have been no new ‘regular lets’ since the last trustee meeting but there is an upcoming booking for a ‘play session’ for small children which involves a model village. If this session proves successful, it is hoped that this could become a regular booking.

Numbers of bookings for children’s parties are pleasing and the raising of the letting fee from £35 to £40 has been no deterrent.

  • Hospitality policy

LW reported that this is now complete and is ready to be signed off by trustees. Update on Employment Contracts.  PM asked if the library and Parish Councils also had hospitality policies, CP said that she would find out on behalf of the Parish Councils and MW will ask the library if they have such a policy.

LW reported that Alison’s contract is agreed and will be signed on 22.04.22 and that Kelly’s is also agreed and ready to be signed.

Eric asked that his contract be changed – he and LW have now agreed a new contract for him which is ready to be signed.

LW reported that Kelly is due an appraisal. ACTION: LW and MW arrange an appraisal date

  • Feedback from last Steering Group meeting

An application for outline planning permission for Kibworth Community Hub had now been submitted to HDC.

MW reported that the Hub’s bid for Section 106 funding needed to be submitted by the end of 2022.

Governance of Community Hub – MW and PS reported that the relevant working party was progressing a ‘Charity by Incorporation’ model which incorporated KGSH and KCL.

Bats in the roof – an inspection had resulted in the welcome report that the particular type of bat there isn’t so rare as to pose problems for construction work on the Hall.

The recent meeting with local residents had been supportive of the project and another meeting would be scheduled once outline planning permission had been granted.

An enquiry had been made of HDC regarding the possible loss of parking space if a new entrance hall and atrium was constructed on the front of the Hall and they had replied that they were willing to give up two parking spaces for this.

Currently the Hall pays an annual rent of £5 to KBPC – when and if new construction is carried out, this would be subject to VAT at a rate of 20%. If, however the rent was reduced to £1 pa, the work would be VAT exempt. Both KGSH and KBPC felt that the rent should be reduced to £1 pa, but in order to do this, a variation in the lease was required. Trustees agreed that such a variation in lease should be made – ACTION MW to write to KBPC suggesting that we pay £1.00 per annum.

  • Any other business
  • MW reported that EICR/PAC testing on the Hall’s electricity circuits and electrical equipment is recommended to be carried out every 5 years and was now overdue. He advised, and trustees agreed that this work should be carried out asap. The last time this work was done it cost £650 +VAT and he anticipated that it might well cost considerably more this time around ACTION: Kelly to arrange for work to be done.
  • MW reported that the next Users Group meeting was scheduled for 26.05.22 but that he was now unable to host the meeting on that day – POST MEETING NOTE MW CAN DO THE MEETING AS ORIGINALLY ARRANGED
  • CP commented that she was recently asked by someone where the KGSH was whilst they were actually standing in the carpark and wondered what could be done to improve signage.MW reported that KBPC were keen to improve signage for the Hall, but is also shows the importance of improving the entrance to the hall. ACTION MW TO DISCUSS SIGNAGE WITH STEERING GROUP
  • Internet banking and payments using credit cards – MW felt, and trustees agreed that in order to do this the Hall would need a mobile phone dedicated to that purpose. MW offered to donate his ‘old’ mobile phone to the Hall and that the Hall purchases a new SIM card for it. Trustees took up MW’s offer.
  • The Hall had received a letter from the Community Manager of Central England Cooperative Ltd. Pointing out their commitment to helping local communities through their Community Dividend Fund and that the Hall might like to apply for an improvement grant from this fund. It was agreed by trustees that this was an offer well worth exploring. ACTION: MW TO DISCUSS WITH KELLY AND TRUSTEES TO CONSIDER OTHER WAYS IN WHICH WE COULD UTILISE THIS POTENTIAL GRANT
  • Raising of minimum wage -MW/LW advised that TP Jones & Co., who handle the Hall’s payroll should be reminded of this and adjust salaries of employees accordingly and they would liaise with Sheila McCudden of TP Jones to ensure that this is done. ACTION LW/MW TO LIAISE WITH PAYROLL.
  • Unsightly weeds around the Hall – there were lots of them. It was felt that the best way to get rid of this was to spray them with weedkiller. ACTION: MW TO EFFECT.

The meeting closed at 8.00.

Date of next meeting – Wednesday May 18th.

Dave Birch  25.04.22



Present – Martyn Wyburn (chair) (MW), Ed Burgess (EB), Andrew Dawes (AD), Amanda Bland (AB), Pat Malpass (PM), Lynn Williams (LW, Paul Scourfield (PS), Caroline Pitcher (CP), Dave Birch (DB)

Public attendees – Kelly Knibbs (KK), Andrew Munroe, Kevin Feltham, Clive Huntley

  • Apologies for absence – Joan Fillingham (JF), David Brierley (DBR), Ryan Greer (RG), Julia Day, Sara Barratt, Allison Gibbins.
  • Minutes of the 2020 Annual General Meeting – the minutes were read and accepted.
  • Matters arising
  • Squirrels have still not recolonised the Hall roof space but bats remain. MW reported that, as bats are a protected species, a survey of their ‘in roof’ lifestyle would need to be conducted to ensure that the anticipated building work on the Hall would not cause them unacceptable inconvenience. KBPC, the owners of the Hall would finance this survey.
  • Chairman’s report

There can be no denying that, like 2020, 2021 has been a difficult year for KGSH, and for other similar establishments. We remained closed until May of last year and since then there has been a gradual build-up of business but we remain underused compared to our last full year of trading, 2019. For example, in 2019 we had an average 129 hours per month of classes, in 2021 this was down to 62 hours per month(this figure is adjusted for the months the hall was closed).

We have recently put our prices up, but with the expected increases in gas and electricity charges, we may well have to do so again. The trick of course is to do this in  a way which will mitigate increases but ensure that we remain competitive.

The trustees remain very grateful for the work of our paid staff, Kelly, Allison and Eric. Allison and Kelly in particular have often put in extra effort, particularly covering each other when ill or on holiday and I would like to give them my personal thanks as well as on behalf of the trustees.

I would also like to thank the trustees for their hard work this year, particularly Lynn who has updated many of our employment policies and is reviewing and updating job descriptions and contracts.

We he developed our social media presence and launched a new website and I would like to thank Dave Birch and Kelly, again, for their work with this.

One major area of work has been that of the steering group which is developing plans to in incorporate the library into KGSH and also create a Kibworth Community Hub, If successful this will involve some structural changes to the hall, including a building to house the library, catering facilities, the expansion of the current studio and a new meeting room on the side of the hall, as well as much improved storage space.

This will give us the opportunity to bring in new users and services to the village and secure the future of the hall for the long term.

We therefore propose to rename ourselves as the Kibworth Community Hub (although the charity will still be called Kibworth Grammar School Hall for the time being at least).

Over the coming year we will be developing closer ties with the library and eventually incorporate them into our charity.

We will also be closely monitoring our financial position, ensuring that we remain viable and will be looking at ways in which we can develop and increase our revenue. These will be the priority of the new trustee board following this meeting.

Questions and comments on the report were invited: Clive Huntley wondered why, in the revised hire charges, the regular user discount had been discontinued. MW and KK explained that it was felt necessary to rationalise the pricing structure, and the removal of the regular user discount was a part of this restructuring.

  • Treasurer’s report

KGSH was closed until May 2021, although Kibworth Academy did use the premises for examinations in April 2021.

Activities for generating funds rose to £17,000 from £12,000 in 2020, but of course the hall was closed for much of 2020, No grants other than furlough monies were received during the year.

Administration costs were slightly down throughout the year by approximately £1000, salary costs were up slightly, gas and electricity costs were slightly lower. Total governance costs were lower, but this reflects the fact that the hall was closed for a period.

It must be understood that the funds of the charity are reduced, mainly due to the pandemic and the reluctance of some users to return.

There have been some new classes and users and we are encouraged by the number of enquiries we have received, but there are still many empty slots each week. The hall is in great demand for children’s parties and we remain the number one venue in the village for these.

We are not alone in facing challenging times and other local facilities have also faced a reduction in usage.

We face a distinct challenge from the rising costs of gas and electricity and we will be looking to economise where we can with these.

Questions and comments on the report were invite. Clive Huntley wondered whether the hall had received all appropriate grants to compensate for losses due to Covid – KK explained that they had been received.

A copy of the 2021 accounts is available on request from the Premises Officer.

  • Election of trustees

The election of the chairman was administered by PS. Martyn Wyburn was proposed by PS and seconded by AD. Nominations were invited from the floor but there were none. MW was duly elected and took over as chairman.

PM, EB and AD had come to the end of their three year term of office but expressed a willingness remain as trustees. EB was happy to continue as vice chairman. Nominations were invited from the floor for these trusteeships but there were none. PM, EB and AD would therefore be continuing in their present roles.

LW, having been co-opted during the past year, was happy to continue as a trustee as were AB, CP, DBR, PS and JF, but JF would be standing down as treasurer.

DB wished to stand down as a trustee but would be happy to be minuting secretary.

RG would be standing down as a trustee and was thanked for his work by MW.

MW invited nominations from trustees and from the floor for the posts of treasurer and secretary. There were no nominations.

MW would act as interim treasurer and AB offered her assistance, an offer which was gratefully accepted.

DB was asked to take on the role of minuting

MW, KK and DB would, between them, all aspects of the work of secretary.

Trustees were asked to ‘look out for’ people who might be able and willing to take on the roles of treasurer and secretary who could be co-opted as trustees.

  • Any other business
  • PS offered to work to clarify the roles of trustees and officers and the terms of office of trustees.
  • PS proposed a vote of thanks to MW for his hard work over a very difficult year. This proposal was unanimously supported.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 7.45pm.

Date of next trustee meeting – Wednesday April 20th. Meetings for the rest of  2022 will be on May 18th, June 15th, July 20th, August 17th, September 21st, October 19th, November 16th, December 21st.

Dave Birch    23.03.22



  • Present – Martyn Wyburn (Chair) (MW), Amanda Bland (AB), Ed Burgess (EB), Andrew Dawes (AD), Joan Fillingham (JF), Pat Malpass (PM), Lynn Williams (LW), Paul Scourfield (PS),Martyn Wyburn (MW), Dave Birch (DB).
  • Apologies – received from David Brierley (DBR), Caroline Pitcher (CP).
  • The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 19th January were agreed as accurate except for the omission of David Brierley from the list of trustees attending. AB would amend the minutes accordingly.
  • Matters arising

Item 6.2 – PM concerned at possible implications of ‘parish council did not want to take immediate steps to remove the trustees’. She wondered whether the support for trustees from KBPC was less than wholehearted. MW assured her that support from the parish council was wholehearted and asked AB to remove the phrase ‘ to take immediate steps’.

PM also asked whether JF had checked that Trustee Public Liability Insurance was in place – she had and it was. Regarding the personal liability of trustees, PS had checked through the policy and the extent of any one trustee’s liability would be £1. The trustees felt that this was acceptable.

Item 5.3 – The revised room pricing structure was now shown on the website. MW was concerned that the sum of £35 for children’s parties was too low. He proposed that this should be raised to £40.  The trustees agreed unanimously to this – DB/KK to ensure that the structure on the website be amended accordingly.

Item 7 – LW reported that KK had now signed a new contract of employment. LW’s work on casual worker contracts for Alison Gibbins and Eric Wylde is ongoing.

Item 8 – DB reported that he and KK had spent a productive morning updating the website but there were a few further changes that they couldn’t make. KK has made a list of actions on the website that she can’t carry out and DB has arranged with Jon Foster, the site builder, to provide appropriate training for Kelly on the morning of March 2nd.

Item 9 – LW reported that there were several trustees who had yet to send her their ‘skills and interest’ paragraph. All trustees asked to complete these and send them to LW.

  • Financial report – MW reported that the application to HSBC to change to on-line banking was going ahead but progress was slow.

JF reported that as of February 4th, there was £13,172 in the current account and £15,000 in the deposit account. JF expressed concern re the cost of heating which is due to get even greater.  JF felt that bookings were slowly picking up but had not yet reached pre-covid levels. Unfortunately and because they weren’t able to have the level of access to the Hall that they needed for an examination centre, Kibworth Mead Academy will not be making a booking in the rest of this academic year.

JF reported that a local small business had shown an interest in hiring the ‘upstairs room’ as an office. MW advised against letting the room at present as he was unsure as to whether the lease on the building allowed sub-letting – MW to investigate.

Trustees felt that the Hall was often overheated – JF/MW said that there was a broken thermostat in the Hall, but that there was a further thermostat on the boiler which was working. A new thermostat is due to be fitted in March. This was a great problem as the cost of heating was already very large and was likely to rise steeply over the next few months.

MW would be attending the Users’ group meeting scheduled for February 24th and would stress the need to economise on both heat and light in the Hall. MW would report back at the next trustee meeting.

  • Grant Applications

The application for the a Covid Hospitality and Leisure Grant had been successful – the Hall will receive £2667.

MW is progressing the engagement of Steve Brooklands on a commission basis to apply for grants. MW explained that the grants must be for capital funding and to this end he had spoken with KK regarding possible targets – the following were suggested: a mobile phone for the Hall; redecorating the Hall; a screen on the stage and a projector; a storage cupboard across the back of the main hall for storing hall furniture, with a gantry above for lighting; a sound mixer; new locks and keys throughout the Hall.

Trustees felt that a clear contract needed to be made with Steve Brooklands – MW to meet with Steve to draw up such a contract.

  • Update from Steering Group – MW gave a brief summary of the contents of the January 31st

Trustees were concerned at the disruption that would be caused by any new building and the possible loss of revenue through rooms being out of commission for hall users. The suggestion had been made that trustees might look for alternative accommodation for regular users who might be temporarily displaced – there was a strong feeling that there was a marked lack of alternative accommodation in the village. Some trustees expressed clear reservations about having to seek alternative accommodation for groups. MW stressed that there was a limit to what could be done and nobody would be asked to do the impossible.

MW pointed out that some disruption was inevitable but the feeling of the steering group and of KBPC was that the new development was likely to be phased rather than completed in one fell swoop – this view gave some reassurance!

As concerns remain from some trustees about the ongoing work to merge with the library and create a community hub MW suggested that Trustees could vote to withdraw from the memorandum of understanding, however it was unanimously agreed that we should continue with the MOU.

DB pointed out that it was stated in the report that he would be leading a group aiming to market the Hall – he had since decided, with regret, that he did not feel able to do this.

Preparation for the AGM

JF expressed her intention to stand down as treasurer but was happy to be stand as a trustee.

DB would like to stand down as a trustee, but in the absence of a general secretary being nominated, would be prepared to return to a past role of minuting secretary.

RG would be standing down as general secretary.

The report in the February edition of the Kibworth Chronicle invited applicants for the roles of treasurer and secretary. The call had also been put out on the Hall’s Facebook page.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 20.45pm

  • Date of next meeting – the next meeting would be the Annual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday March 16th.